How it Works:

  1. Call for your free, initial consultation. At the consultation, we'll discuss your dietary requirements, taste preferences and storage options and of course, answer any questions that you might have. The pricing listed below is for our most popular packages but we can discuss pricing for a configuration that fits your needs.
  2. Upon scheduling a cook date and assigning a chef, I will collect payment for the first service and estimated food cost. Your account will be credited for remaining grocery money.
  3. Your chef will email you a suggested menu 48 hours in advance of your cook date and allow changes up to 12 hrs before she is scheduled to arrive.
  4. Upon arrival, your chef will sanitize your kitchen; cook, prep and store your food; and leave you with a stocked fridge, reheating instructions and a clean kitchen! 

You do not need to be present for your cook date. We will discuss plans for entry (key, alarm code, pets). We prefer to arrive no later than 10am and will complete your service within 4-6 hours.