It all started when...

Me and my Lil' Dunns in the Kitchen

Me and my Lil' Dunns in the Kitchen

My dreams of owning my own business moved from a restaurant to a b&b to a food truck and then settled on this venture—being a personal chef. I love to cook. I love to nurture people, especially by feeding them. I wrestled with the time & money investments of the first few ideas and wondered how they would change my family life. I’ve worked 60 hours a week with my mobile phone ringing all day, all night and all weekend long. Even if I am working for myself, I have no desire to return to that. As those dreams sat on the back burner, I began to find ways to cook for others. More than just entertaining people at my house, I had the privilege to serve others. I was asked or offered to cook for several people who were struggling. My husband’s aunt was soldiering through chemo. My neighbor had a baby that was in and out of the hospital for several weeks after he was born. My husband’s coworker was his mom’s only caregiver as she was soldiering through cancer treatments as well. He was struggling to provide good, healing food for her and for himself. I truly enjoyed being able to provide for these families and I thought, “Do people get paid to do this?” I vaguely recalled a good friend of mine from college, who was too sick with diabetes and throat cancer to hold down a regular job, saying that she had a few people that she cooked for. As most do, I Googled it. Sure enough, it’s called a Personal Chef.

Here. We. Go.

And with my last name, it was destined to be. Thanks, honey! I knew I married you for a reason.

So here I am, hoping that you’ll give me the pleasure and privilege of cooking for your family. I don’t know about you, but I get hateful when I’m “hangry”, as my husband puts it. And I also get a little hateful when I feel like I’m forced to settle for fast food or even processed food. Maybe you’re just like me in that respect and could use some healthy meals at the ready to pop in the microwave or the oven. I cook with only real food. I’m not talking condensed soup casseroles and crock pot wonders. Although I do use the slow cooker occasionally (Slap-Yo-Momma-Yummy Pot Roast, as one client calls it), I make all of your meals with fresh ingredients and leave a menu with reheating instructions for you on the fridge. Rest assured that your meals will taste freshly cooked, not like leftovers. So get out of the kitchen. You don’t even have to clean before I come over. Just leave me an empty sink, room in the fridge and on the counters, and I’m good to go. I promise it’ll be cleaner than ever when I leave.