Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef?

A private chef works full-time for one client or family, preparing all meals that the client requires. A personal chef works for several clients, usually one per day, preparing several meals in advance for the client to heat & eat throughout the week.

Can I afford a personal chef?

Most likely, yes! Take a few weeks and tally all of the money you spend on groceries used for dinner, meals eaten out and food thrown away. Think honestly about the time spent shopping, meal planning and cooking. Consider the fuel costs of traveling to grocery stores and restaurants, not to mention the extra stops you make and money you spend because you're already out. How good for you is the food you are currently eating? Over-sized portions, laden with fat, calories and sodium are sending you to the doctor more and more often.

Where do you shop?

Typically your local Kroger, unless you prefer that I shop at specialty stores such as Whole Foods or Fresh Market. For Lexington residents, specialty shopping is included in the cost of your service but there is a $20 fee for surrounding counties to compensate for my extra time & fuel costs.

Do you use my kitchen equipment or bring your own?

I am particular about my knives, so I will bring my own. I prefer to use the basics, so I don't require a lot of special gadgetry. A decent set of pots & pans, a working stove & oven, sink and refrigerator are all I need.

Do I need to be home?

No. At your initial consultation we'll discuss plans for entry in your absence as well as any special instructions regarding pets (Don't let the cat out!). If you are home, please know that I am able to work more efficiently and accurately if I am alone in the kitchen. If you would like to schedule a cooking class for you and your family or friends, I would love to teach you then!

Why do you cook in my kitchen?

The health department requires that I cook in a licensed, commercial kitchen or in the client's home. To keep the cost of my service low, I opt to cook in your kitchen and pass the savings on to you!

What do I need to do before you arrive?

Please have clear counter-top space for me to work and sink cleared of dirty dishes. I will sanitize the work surfaces before I begin cooking. Please have space cleared in the fridge and/or freezer for me to store your meals. If you have opted for reusable food storage containers, please have them clean and available on the counter.

What can I expect to come home to?

Your kitchen will be sanitized, cooking equipment clean and put away, kitchen floor swept & mopped, trash removed and fresh meals in your fridge/freezer. Your food will be labeled with contents and date prepared. A menu and reheating instructions will be left for you as well.

How long will my meals keep?

Refrigerated meals will keep for up to 5 days. Frozen meals should be consumed within 30 days of preparation.

How do you bill me?

A deposit for estimated grocery cost is required to hold your first service date. You will receive an electronic invoice for the deposit via Square. Payment is required upon receipt and we ask that you save your credit card number on file. You may pay the service fee on the day of service in cash or by check, or we will charge the card on file, less your deposit. A scanned copy of your grocery receipt will be emailed to you after each service.

Do you sell gift certificates?

YES! Our service is the perfect gift for new parents, aging parents, or those battling/recovering from an illness or surgery. The value of the gift certificate may be used toward the purchase of the service of their choice as well as groceries used for that service.