You'll enjoy our service as much as we enjoy serving you!

You'll enjoy our service as much as we enjoy serving you!

"Our busy schedules made it impossible to plan ahead or eat at home, and we were spending a fortune eating out. Finding Chef Michele has been a dream come true! I never thought we could afford a personal chef, but her service is more economical AND healthier than what we’ve been doing. Her meals are delicious and tailored to our preferences. I love coming home after she has spent a day cooking; it smells wonderful and I know my family is going to have a healthy home-cooked meal. If you are always on the run, trying to lose weight, or spending too much on restaurant meals, Dunn in the Kitchen is the perfect solution!”
— Diane Baker

“Dunn in the Kitchen is FANTASTIC. The food is chosen and prepared to your family’s preferences. If you want healthy, home-style, country, modern, fresh, comfort, or whole foods, whatever - it’s all delicious! I am a repeat/return customer, and I can’t praise it enough. The weeks when I have Dunn In the Kitchen, I have more time to spend with my family, we actually sit at the table and enjoy meal-time, we take left-overs to work, my kitchen is clean, my dishes are done. For me, it’s the little touches that really make a difference, like uncooked veggies already washed, cut and in a zip lock leftover from a recipe; the window sill above my sink was wiped clean; the individualized, simple instructions left for warming meals; everything was presented in such a pretty and appetizing way - I could go on. I know that when Dunn in the Kitchen is in MY kitchen, I don’t have to worry - she’s got it all covered! I am buying so much more than food - I’m buying less stress, more time, family smiles, and the feeling that someone’s taking care of us”
— Amy Hopwood

“It is more than amazing having you cook for my family.  To begin with, your skill is top notch and every single meal you prepared is delicious and beautifully presented and packaged. The way you leave my kitchen better than you find it, always makes me feel like a queen.  Secondly, the way you run your business is inspiring and always leaves me feeling like I’m your most important client.  I see all the details you put into this, you deserve to give yourself a huge pat on the back, you are rockin' it girl! ”
— Hannah Looney

"You are a lifesaver for my family. Truly, you bring us together at the table...ministry...I'm telling you."
— Adrienne Hatton

“Shoutout to @dunninthekitchen for an awesome heat and eat meal. Know someone having a baby....give them a gift certificate to have some meals prepared for them when they return home. Plus it’s healthy meals and YUMMY!!!”
— Aaron & Katie Wilson

“Eating is so much easier & better; I don’t have to think about it. I love that part! It’s flavorful & fresh. I’ve lost 14 lbs in 2 months! I wouldn’t be able to do it without you! Thanks so much!”
— Whittney Kearns


“Thank you so much for cooking for us.  My son, Andrew, looked into the fridge and called me immediately.  He was thrilled.  He decided to have a turkey burger tonight and he loved it.  It makes me so happy to see him happy.  I had mexican enchilada casserole and it was delicious.  My husband, Bill, said, 'Shelby is the best idea you have ever had!'"
— Whitney Sisson